Upside down mountain

september 30 2022

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"Yosef-Gutman brings it all home in one release of sincere, almost sublime, beauty."

Michael Toland

The Big Takeover

The compositions conjur[e] an atmosphere of appealing gentleness…an aura of what Buddhists call loving-kindness. They are quiet prayers, offered gracefully...Yosef Gutman’s music speaks eloquently of a peaceful existence.

Scott Gutterman

The Brooklyn Rail

There is something so luminous, open-hearted and wholly unique about the music on Yosef Gutman Levitt’s self-produced trio recording Upside Down Mountain that it begs the question: Where did this guy come from?

Bill Milkowski


Upside Down Mountain contains a world of colors and emotions for something resolutely pure and simple in structure. Yosef Gutman Levitt's music is a quietly eclectic kind that lets straightforward and floaty melodies speak for themselves. It spins together folky and jazzy elements from everywhere he's been (born in South Africa, migrated to New York City and eventually Jerusalem), spun into a set eminently charming and compelling.

Geno Thackara

All About Jazz

"A glorious mix of spiritual improvisation. This album is a brief, yet eloquent, respite for our ails."

Jeff Krow

Audiophile Audition

“Uplifting, rich with soulful melodies and a generally harmonious feel...Humanity emanates from every pore of this recording's dozen pieces.”



Yosef gutman with Omri mor & orfri nehemya present upside down mountain

Partnering with Omri Mor (piano) and Ofri Nehemya (drums) on this set of original pieces, Levitt plays with a striking clarity and resolve as the trio’s frequent lead melodic voice. He plays what serves the music and the flowing, interactive rhythms of the trio. The result is a sound of joy and fulfilment, a clear and honest trio chemistry that reveals the essence of Levitt’s musical gift. Listen now on Bandcamp.